Transport Management System
Delivery Management

Mobile App, Delivery Traceability

Thanks to its Delivery Management component, XEOLIS allows you to plan, optimize, and track your delivery routes. It also allows you to share information in real time with your customers.

In addition to Delivery Management, XEOLIS offers VSB/SME-focused Business Management including quotation, order, and invoice management.

Together with the XPdio Delivery mobile app, XEOLIS collects delivery tracking information (transported, delivered, and received quantities). Delivery validation is digitalized by electronic signature from PoDs (Proof of Delivery).

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Some use cases


Food Delivery

Industry and Reverse Logistics

Transport Management System

Efficient deliveries

Efficient deliveries

Schedule optimizations, Intuitive tool for quick and easy delivery encoding by the driver
Fonction - XPdio - Geolocalisation

Track and Trace of missions

Track and Trace of missions

Full visibility on processes, Field team tracking
Fonction - XPdio - Simplification Administrative

Delivery traceability

Delivery traceability

Automated sharing of information between the customer and the driver

Transparency of information

Transparency of information

The customer is informed at every stage of delivery, the trust relationship is strengthened
Fonction - XPdio - ColdChainControl

Cold Chain Control

Cold Chain Control

Package temperature monitoring, Cold chain respect


Transport Management System - TMS

Field traceability

Collaborative mode

Business management

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Simple and intuitive, XPdio improves the real-time traceability of your delivery routes. It results efficient deliveries and satisfied customers.

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