Field Service Management

Mobile App, Mission Traceability

Thanks to its Field Service Management component, XEOLIS allows you to plan, optimize and track your interventions and services. It also allows you to share information about progress in real time with your employees or customers.

Together with the XPdio Field Service mobile app, XEOLIS collects tracking information from your interventions (worksheets). Service validation is digitalized by an electronic signature for intervention forms.

Our solutions

XPdio Field Services

Some use cases

Nomad Worker


Transport Management System

Activity Management

Activity Management

Optimized planning and automated processes
Fonction - XPdio - Geolocalisation

Mission Track and Trace

Mission Track and Trace

Full visibility on interventions and team monitoring in the field
Fonction - XPdio - Simplification Administrative

Simpler Administration

Simpler Administration

Quick and easy information sharing with teams in the field

Easy collaboration between teams

Easy collaboration between teams


Activity Management

Easier Management

Collaborative Solution

XPdio - Field Service - Worker

Install XPdio

Simple and intuitive, XPdio improves field team visibility and intervention order management.

Tips and Good practices

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