Manage, locate and protect your teams and lone workers in all circumstances using geolocation beacons or smartphones


Lone Worker Protection (LWP) is a major issue for the employer. To guarantee the safety of isolated nomadic employees, XEOLIS has developed appropriate solutions such as monitoring of interventions, telepointing or the LWP device.

Our solutions

Follow-up of interventions


Lone Worker Protection

Nomadic worker protection

XPdio Field Service integrates AINA PTT SMART BUTTON products in order to offer a mobile worker protection solution.

AINA PTT Smart Button allows you to be connected via Bluetooth with your mobile equipment (SMARTPHONE / PDA) in order to offer solutions for:

  • PUSH-TO-TALK: to make (automated) voice calls
  • Fall detection: to qualify a loss of verticality
  • Geolocation of alerts: through the link with the XPdio application, any alert triggered by the Smart Button is geolocated within the XEOLIS platform.


Manage and lead your teams in the field:
  • Connect at any time with your mobile employees
  • Digitalization of your worksheets
  • Real-time monitoring of¬† used and in stock equipment
  • Management of services and items to be invoiced
  • Simple and intuitive mobile applications
Guarantee the safety of your workers at all times:
  • Visualization and geolocation of resources
  • Access to detailed cartography
  • Automation of time spent on site
  • LWP module
  • Alerting
  • Hardware integration
A configuration of your accounts without any software development:
  • Custom Forms
  • Personalization¬† of intervention status (workflows)
  • Activity & performance indicators configuration
  • Web access profiles and rights management

Technology Partners

Through many technological partnerships, we offer many turnkey solutions compatible with various distributors and technologies: Beacons, RFID, Datacollection, Communication, etc.

As a GS1 partner, the solution has the particularity of relying on its International Standards by covering in particular the codification, the electronic exchange of EDI information, the collection and sharing of traceability events relating to the Supply Chain (EPCIS).

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