Manage your logistics processes and track your medical devices using integrated technologies

Solution santé

Thanks to the XEOLIS platform, you can trace, manage and manage all your logistics processes and medical devices thanks to our software bricks and integrated technologies.

An open and collaborative platform, XEOLIS offers information sharing services with your customers (internal/external) on the real-time monitoring (step by step) of the various logistics processes.

Our Solutions

Transport & collection management

Sterilization processes traceability

Monitoring optimization of samples collections

Medical device monitoring

IoT sensors integration

Cold Chain Control, transport & storage


XEOLIS offers you a tool for the management from A to Z of all your logistics processes and medical devices: flexible management solution, professional identification (RFID, QR code, barcode, BLE, IoT), reporting and KPIs, automated inventory, cycle analysis of life, etc.

Flexible management solution
Automated inventory
Professional identification
Life cycle analysis
Reporting and KPIs

Technology Partners

Through many technological partnerships, we offer many turnkey solutions compatible with various distributors and technologies: Beacons, RFID, Datacollection, Communication, …

As a GS1 partner, the solution has the particularity of relying on its International Standards by covering in particular the codification, the electronic exchange of EDI information, the collection and sharing of traceability events relating to the Supply Chain (EPCIS ).

Other business solutions

Transport & Delivery Solution
TMS - Transport and delivery management
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Field Service & Protection Solution
Nomadic workers, Lone Worker Protection Telepointing, PTI Solution, Geofencing
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Environment Solutions
Waste collection management
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Rental Solution
Management of your equipment rental processes
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