Transportation and Delivery

TMS, RTI (Reusable Transport Item) Management, Route Optimization, Roadmap Digitalization, Proof of Delivery, Business Management, etc.
Organize and optimize your transport and deliveries, manage and supervise your drivers activities, increase visibility and collaboration with your shippers or contractors.

Renting and Service

Transport Management System (TMS), Asset Management, Route Optimization, Business Management, etc.
Manage your rental units, trace your equipment in the field, prepare and optimize your routes for service, improve communication with your customers.


Find “Xeolis” solutions within “Transportmédia

XEOLIS presents its solutions in the “Transport Media” edition of this month of July 2020. “Objectively, the major logistics hubs will remain the same as before the crisis. At most, we will see some investments postponed, either because project leaders will have to realign their budgetary priorities for a year or two, or because they

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XEOLIS is a collaborative platform and the heart of our solutions dedicated to industrial processes, logistics and traceability management.

XEOLIS is adaptive and configurable.  XEOLIS fits many sectors, relying on a panel of bricks specialized in product traceability, field operation tracking, logistics operation management and process optimization (specific workflows, deliveries, tours, interventions, etc.).

It has to be focused that, as a GS1 partner, the solution relies on its International Standards, including coding, electronic exchange of EDI information, collection and sharing of Supply Chain traceability events (EPCIS).

Asset Management

Track & Trace, Reusable Transport Item

Delivery Management

TMS, Digitalization of Delivery Processes

Field Service Management

FSM, Intervention Management, Team Tracking

Process Management

Digitalize your Supply Chain & Industrial Processes

IoT Management

IoT Services, Datamining & Automation

Our Goal

Ensure perfect visibility and efficient management for your logistics operations.

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