Process Management

Digitalize your Supply Chain And your Industrial Processes

Thanks to its process management component, XEOLIS allows you to collect traceability information related to your industrial or logistics workflows.

Process Management solution is monitored through a web application. It is a logical layer to configure and increase information about traceability events captured by mobile equipment and/or RFID gantries in the field.

It offers a simple and flexible solution to define scenarios/traceability processes in accordance with GS1’s EPCIS Standard.

EasyCaseEPC, the mobile app, allows you to integrate the identification and traceability of serialized units including different capture modes such as a RFID tag (EPC Gen2), a GS1 Data Matrix and a barcode. All just with a simple smartphone (Android compatible).

EasyGate, server appliance, integrates and manages RFID gantries based on LLRP and ALE protocols.

Our solutions

EasyCaseEPC - Mobile Acquisition

Some use cases

Product Life Cycle

The use of RFID allows you to identify in a unique way products often associated with maintenance processes (e.g.: electronic card / Foundry tools / …).

Lifecycle monitoring is a very specific process that EasyCase allows you to manage [e.g.: electronic card ADI (Aerospace and Defense Identifier) tracking].

Automated reading

Marking logistics units with RFID chips allows you to acquire mass displaced units through a RFID gantry. EASYGATE allows you to drive and associate this information with your business processes.

(e.g.: inventory automation/in&out flow monitoring)

PPE - GS1 coding

Personal and collective protective equipment is subject to regulations regarding its use and maintenance.

Its life cycle is at stake regarding security and management. EASYCASE allows you to manage and trace all these operations.

Unit Identification

Unit Identification

Thanks to EPC coding, each parcel or transport unit has its own identification number.
Fonction - EasyCase - Multi Protocole

Data Capture

Data Capture

Data acquiring via Datamatrix GS1, Bar code or QR code Scan, compatible with RFID or NFC technologies
Fonction - EasyCase - Geolocalisation



Unit geo-localization capture and information transmission to the processing layer
Fonction - EasyCase -Type Device Grand public et industriel

General Public and Industrial

General Public and Industrial

Application compatibility on both standard hardware (Smartphone) and industrial equipment (Scanner Gun)
Fonction - EasyCase - Action Logistique de traçabilité



Comprehensive set of logistics actions recorded by the application (loading, empty loading, damage, maintenance, emptying, etc.)


The goal? Optimizing your visibility over your business processes at a lower cost, with a solution that answers the questions “What”, “Where”, “When”, and “Why” regarding your equipment traceability and lifecycle, your unit movements across the supply chain, etc.

  • Declaration of a state
  • Allocation
  • Additional data entry
  • RFID chip codification
  • Etc.

The acquired information is transferred to a Standardized Information System (EPCIS) and operated in several forms within our XEOLIS management platform.

  • Process management
  • Task triggering
  • Notification triggering
  • Historicity
  • Reporting
  • Etc.
App Mobile - EasyCaseEPC

Install EasyCaseEPC

Very flexible and simply-configurated, it allows a wide range of traceability processes.

Example of business flow