Solutions & Services

We cover your needs in logistics traceability and industrial process management

XEOLIS is a collaborative platform at the heart of our solutions, dedicated to the management of industrial, logistics and traceability processes.

XEOLIS is intended to be adaptive and configurable, thus making it possible to address all types of sectors, relying on a panel of bricks specialized in product traceability, monitoring of field operations, management of logistics operations, and process optimization (specific workflows, deliveries, rounds, interventions, etc.)

Solutions & Services

Solution for tracking and tracing your assets: RTI (Reusable Transport Units), tools or serialized equipment.

Solution for monitoring your industrial processes: “field” data feedback relating to your production tool, supply chain.

Collaborative solution for managing and monitoring your transport and deliveries: TMS, Route Optimization, Proof of Delivery, Temperature Controlled Delivery, Reverse Logistics.

Collaborative solution for managing, monitoring and planning your interventions and field teams.


Integration of IoT sensors within XEOLIS solutions to enrich all of your traceability processes. Temperature, Humidity, Level, Shocks, GPS, OBD, etc.